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Mission Statement

The purpose of the education committee is to provide a regional resource for quality category I accredited continuing medical education programs designed for the practicing pathologist. The intent is to give the regional pathology community an option to share and exchange expertise, increase competence, and provide quality patient care.

The executive committees and educational directors are comprised of a broad cross-section of pathologists in the region. The programs are intended to provide an element of specialized education in a subspecialty area of pathology but a broad base educational program is given the highest priority. The CME activities will include education programs that best meet the ideal time, place and specifics of the regional pathologists. The primary characteristics of potential participants include: Washington State Society of Pathologists (WSSP) members, pathology residents and other pathologists practicing in the region. Physicians operate the WSSP and the medical education committee and conduct category I accredited CME programs for pathologists. All program planning, implementation and evaluation is conducted by physicians with the assistance from the executive director.

The educational committee, with oversight from the executive committee of the WSSP plans the CME program and ensures that the CME activities comply with the CME mission and goals as well as with CME accrediting requirements.



To offer educational opportunities for pathologist to improve their abilities as practitioners by providing high-quality CME activities with expert faculty that address the newest diagnostic information and facilitate the practical application of this information to continuously enhance patient care outcome.