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January 12, 2018

Dear Member,

The Washington State Society of Pathologists Executive Committee thanks you for your membership and invites you to renew your WSSP membership for 2018.

The WSSP has a prominent role as provider of pathology educational opportunities and has the important role of serving on your behalf as a representative and advocate to the state legislature. In order for us to continue presenting quality CME meetings, represent your interests to the Washington State Medical Association, the state legislature, and regulatory agencies, we need continued membership and statewide participation. Pathology faces many challenges and it is imperative that we maintain a strong statewide society.

The 2018 legislative session will be another challenging one for our profession, as the state legislature will continue to discuss legislation that will significantly curb our ability to Balance Bill out of network patients for services that we provide. Under the guise of “Surprise Billing”, the legislature is attempting to prevent pathologists from billing patients directly for services that we provide, even in the cases where a patient willingly chooses an out-of-network provider. Last year, the Insurance Commissioner made this a top priority and co-sponsored legislative efforts to pass a bill. We actively participated in this process – providing direct feedback to the Commissioner, giving testimony to the legislature, directly lobbying legislative members, and joining a coalition of hospital based physicians. All of these efforts helped shape a bill that better reflected the realities of our practice. Still far from perfect, we were then successful in defeating the bill. Now efforts are resurfacing to again make this a legislative priority in 2018, and it is imperative that our voice continue to be heard. We need your support to make this happen.

Your membership also allows us to provide excellent educational programs. We had two very successful meetings in 2017 which highlighted speakers from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering, National Institutes of Health, and Mayo Clinic, as well as experts from institutions in our region. Our 2018 annual spring meeting this year will be at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center on May 5, 2018 and will focus on neuropathology and digital pathology. Dr. Arie Perry from the University of California, San Francisco and Dr. Michael Becich, from the University of Pittsburg will headline the event and will be joined by other experts in the field from our region. We are also actively working on an educational program in the fall of 2018.

Unfortunately, all of these efforts require money, and your continued membership is essential. Please take a few brief minutes to renew your membership. Thank you in advance, and I look forward to seeing you in 2018.


Dominique Coco, MD
President, Executive Committee Chairman